Manifesto offers novice, intermediate and experienced market traders the opportunity to develop their analytical toolset and trading practice in a collaborative analysis and trading environment.

Daily analysis applies a range of methodologies to the Bitcoin price chart across multiple timeframes. Staff analysts and members evaluate the technical picture via commentary and discussion.

The objective of collaborative analysis is to identify trading opportunities with a high probability of success. Once identified such an opportunity becomes a Trade Recommendation and participants can take the trade based on personal conviction or group consensus. Trade recommendations include specific parameters (entry point, stop loss, take profit) and describe the mechanics of the trade as dictated by the trading method – mathematically derived and designed to minimise losses and maximise gains.

Rational trading methodology is presented and its application to the Bitcoin price chart is demonstrated and discussed thoughout. Analysts trade their own money and are obliged to take every trade they recommend!

Bitcoin’s innovation has disrupted, not only currency and society, but financial markets. Its capacity as a speculative instrument is phenomenal. With sufficient knowledge and discipline, Bitcoin can be traded successfully and for substantial gains – with some luck it can be done within a relatively short period of time.

What You Get


Daily Bitcoin Price analysis and ongoing commentary as price action unfolds.

Objective and dispassionate analysis describes current price action’s potential outcomes in order to identify the highest probability opportunities for trade.

Trade Recommendations

High probability opportunities become trade recommendations at the appropriate timeframe: intra-day, weekly and long-term Buy-and-Hold.

The mechanics of trade recommendations are presented and explained in full. Application of trade recommendations will help you develop a trading method that is disciplined and mathematically designed to grow your trading capital.

Risk and Money Management

Losing trades will happen but their impact on your account will be limited if you follow our trade recommendations and apply Money Management guidelines.

Breaking News Commentary

Breaking News and commentary related to Bitcoin-specific events, as well as global economic events impacting Bitcoin price and value. Analysis Methodology

Analysis is based on the following methods that are combined across multiple timeframes:

  • Elliott Wave Principle
  • Price Pivots and Support & Resistance
  • Moving Averages (and the principle of Mean Reversion)
  • Fibonacci Tools
  • Momentum Indicators and Oscillators (RSI, MACD and Stochastic)

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